From an early age, I learned to sing in Cathedral and Citadel, classical liturgy, and common prayer. The winding road from London led to King’s Canterbury, East Asia and The Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. From the bleacher lights of Fenway Park to the boards of Carnegie Hall in New York, the vibrant city skies of Hong Kong, Moscow, Sydney and other celebrated European stages, performing and sharing original songs at intimate venues across the World, the journey is neverending...

Writing songs is a way to share the colour of one's soul, and to provide an opportunity for reciprocal catharsis. Sometimes it doesn't come easy, but that is when we must move onwards and upwards to achieve a heightened perspective..

All is love, and I am only a messenger

welcome all



Stay tuned for updates of upcoming performances in 2023 and beyond

Photography by Christopher Bissell and Juan Carlos Verona - London / New York